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LAST NEWS Update 31.10.2008

4. 10. 2008
Eva Aurora Blanco - 3rd place in class "champions" at Euro Dog Show 2008
Budapest, Hungary. Judge: Rafael de Santiago (PR)
Please find below HERE some pictures from the show.

6. 9. 2008
Iguazu Del Entrevero - Bulgarian Junior Club Champion 2008 and BJB!!!
Judge - Damian Moreno (Argentina)
Other our results from Bulgarian Club's Specialty Show in our "NEWS" page.

We are happy to anounce that our Perro Pelea Cordobes Milonguita was confirmed pregnant with Pamperito Del Huaico. Pups are expected to be born second week of April, we still accept reservations. Please find below HERE some pictures with Migi and Pamperito done during our fantastic week in DK at our good friends Birgitte & Peter.

New litter - Equidna El Batalador (ArgCh Juncal De Los Medanos X Ro Hu Ch Haya De La Cheila) x RoCH Apito Del Cavdillo (Pampa del Do Yel X Mona del Do Yel). Born on 6. 2. 2008 - 7 females and 2 males are available!

Ofelia was a good mother, taking care of our 11 pups in litter D. We mate her with Camacho, both of them being strong dogs with beautiful heads. We took the unique opportunity to use ArGrCh Koby Del Indio Blanco during his stay in Europe. Many thanks to Koby's owner Carlos Lurig and to Matia and Divina Nardini for their hospitality. Low body athletic dog brother of Ofelia. He is living with our friend Tic Angeluta. Oliver is an excellent working dog, enjoying each moment of training together with Tic, proving that a dogo can fulfill the tasks of any other well known working dog breeds.

Daughter of WCH Actarus and Pochita Del Gualilan, strong body female with a great head and pure white coat, Ofelia is having a wonderful character being the play mate of my son Matei. Milonguita is our 2'nd import female and the first one from Birgitte and Peter - kennel Perro Pelea Cordobes. Since having her our friendship with Birgitte & Peter became closer and closer and we have learned a lot from them. Milonguita was breed only once and is the mother of our Camacho Aurora Blanco. We breed only when we think combination is right so until now we had only 1 litter with her due to our busy schedule. We plan to breed her again in winter 2006 and we hope we will get same quality as in previous one.

We proudly present our new to come male: OPamperito Del Cavdilio He is breed by our friends Martin & Petra. We thank to Martin for this beautifull pup and we look forward for his arrival in Romania. When we saw Gringa's pictures at 4 months we were falling in love, and we new we need to have her. We thank to our friend Martin Parapar - Do Yel kennel for his confidence in us and for his careful attention in growing, training, showing Gringa. Meanwhile she grew in a beautiful strong and rustic dogo who raised at the expectations set behind her.

Camacho is the pup we kept in our kennel from Koby Del Indio Blanco and Perro Pelea Cordobes Milonguita combination. He is a strong male, 68 cm full of power. We proudly present our new import female Indiana El Entrevero, 3 months old (Indiane is co-owned with my good friend Daniel Szabolcs).

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Exercise more

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Last, but not least, your dog will make you happy. And if you treat it right, it will stop at nothing to bring a big smile on your face. When you are feeling down, your dog will try to play funny jests with you and act as a complete buffoon. In less than 15 minutes of fun and games, you will forget about what saddened you in the first place. During the cold winter nights you will have someone to cuddle with and keep you warm. Also, having a dog means that every time you get back at your job in a studio videochat Bucuresti you will feel energized and effusive, which will actually improve your appearance and help you attract even more clients.


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New litter -
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7 females and 2 males
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